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"Trust your body's instinct."

About Me

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Hi! I am Dr. Christian from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who holds her BS from Xavier University of Louisiana. Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to combine my love for science and nature, and desire to help my community. I began studying at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia where my  education, drive, and love for people prepared me to be a dynamic, enthusiastic and caring chiropractor. I've always had an appreciation for holistic approaches to living and strives to provide a level of excellence to my practice members.

I am an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, where I completed Webster Technique certification and Birth Doula certification through DONA International. My primary focus and passion is women’s health. Understanding how the body works has helped to shape and intensify the work done.

My goal is to support you and your family's path to total health and wellness, and empower and educate moms on how to prepare for the birth experience of their choice. 



Brittany R.

Let me start by saying Christian is absolutely amazing. She is loving, caring, knowledgeable, and very attentive. Her spirit is super infectious and is one you want to be around all the time. She keeps you smiling in those moments you want to cry and if you just need a listening ear and a hug she is there also. She listens to everything you want and need during pregnancy and goes above and beyond to make sure that happens. Any question I ever had was answered. And her birth class is amazing. Straight to the point but full of information. It definitely prepared me for what was about to happen...

Sykari R.

Christian is the absolute BEST! She is not only a doula but your package with her also includes chiropractic care, which is such an amazing gift to your baby & body during pregnancy AND labor/delivery. Christian was always always always available to me via text or call and never did I wait more than 5 mins for a response from her during any point of my pregnancy. I had quite an unusual labor - 48 hrs of home labor and Christian did not leave my home/side once, despite me living 1.5hr from her home. She had packed up a bag for overnight stay and didn't waiver from that! She is phenomenal in her availability, education/resources, and sheer passion for this life of a Doula! I promise you will not get a better fit than Christian. We have definitely become something like besties (in my mind lol) after this experience with her! Doula for a few months, but a lifelong friend & auntie to your new babe! You cannot go wrong with choosing her! I can't say that enough!

Paris M.

Omg! Where do I start?! Christian is an amazing doula and chiropractor who goes ABOVE AND BEYOND everything! She has helped me get through one of the most stressful times in my life. Christian is extremely educated in the child birth process along with the "what if's", and her bedside manor is awesome! I have referred her to so many other women. I will not be having anymore babies but if I did I would gladly hire her again!!

Nicki R.

Christian was more than just a Doula during this journey she holds a special place in my heart. During my pregnancy she was very supportive, she did a great job completing task throughout the pregnancy (ex.creating a birth plan and going over birthing techniques) in a timely manner, she was always a phone call away, she goes over and beyond, she even went to prenatal appointments(Major plus), Christian lead with empathy and always showed how much she cared.

Birth Affirmations:

I am strong

I am whole

I trust my instincts




Breathe baby down

My body and my baby know what to do

We are working together

My body knows what to do

Each wave brings me closer to my baby

I birth with ease

I am a warrior, and it is ok to cry

Peace surrounds me

I am exactly where I need to be right now

I am surrounded by people that love and support me

I inhale peace and exhale fear

I have everything I need to birth my baby

My baby's size is perfect for my body

I trust my body

I can do hard things

Image by Ben Iwara


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